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Ranking the 2019-20 NBA Shooting Guards

The shooting guard spot is slowly merging into the small forward spot, well this is positionless basketball coming into fruition. There are a lot of great players at this position and there are quite a few bad ones. There is also a lot of potential for some really good players that I have ranked pretty low. Guys like Garland and Barrett. They had some decent showings in the preseason, but can they do it over 70+ games (hopefully 82) over the course of the year?

30. Dillon Brooks

I really like Brooks, I think he’d make a great bench role player somewhere. He’s not an everyday starter in the league for a fringe playoff team, but for a team that might win 35 games, he’ll do.

29. Bryn Forbes

Forbes is such a Gregg Popovich player. He’s not going to do anything spectacular, but he’s going to play hard.

28. Darius Garland

I hate judging rookies. Especially rookies that barely played their last year in college. Garland seems healthy and torched some nets in the preseason. Let’s see how he does every night.

27. Josh Okogie

He won’t score a lot and he’ll try on defense. He tries… he tries.

26. RJ Barrett

Barrett has a lot of good qualities, he can score, the potential to be a plus defender, but he seems to disappear in games. I said the same thing about James Harden early in his career too.

25. Bruce Brown Jr.

If you play in Detroit does anyone really see you play? Brown is a nice player, he has some low projections this year and they are warranted. I think he can play a little bit above himself and deliver a quality year for the Pistons.

24. Tyler Herro

He won the job over Dion Waiters, but that’s not saying much. Herro might have the smoothest shot out of all the rookies.

23. Dwayne Bacon

I’m shocked he’s in his third year already. He’s improved year after year and I’m not sure he’s going to be a little bit better than last year.

22. Wesley Matthews

He was once one of the best lockdown defenders on the perimeter but after the knee issues this is no longer the case. He’s a decent rotational body and he can hide out in Milwaukee and be protected on both ends of the court.

21. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

This is not his normal position (obviously) and after the Thunder move Chris Paul he’ll get moved over the PG list. The problem is we don’t know who can take on that massive Paul contract.

20. Tim Hardaway Jr.

He’s a solid third option for the Mavericks. He can score a lot of points in a hurry (like dad) and he can give up just as many on the defensive end. That might be Dallas’ plan though, score as many points as possible and hope to god the other team doesn’t score more.

19. Kevin Huerter

I think we’re going to see a big year from the former Terp. His jump really needs to come on defense. He’s got all the tools in his offensive repertoire to be a 17-20 point scorer this year.

18. Evan Fournier

He’s a solid complementary player. He doesn’t need to be the focal point of the offense and plays decent defense.

17. Gary Harris

The oft-injured guard is great when healthy. He was once relied upon for points, but with the emergence of basically every other starter, he’s now the fourth or even fifth option on the floor when starting.

16. Danny Green

He’s going to be the Lakers’ third scorer and that’s an issue. With how hot and cold Green is — yeah, don’t rely on Green to be an every night 25 point scorer.

15. Landry Shamet

With Paul George out he’s a solid third or fourth option for the Clippers. I would love to see him work with Bev and improve himself on the defensive end of the floor.

14. Buddy Hield

There is talk that this could be an All-Star year for Hield. The dude will be the primary threat for the Kings outside and has the potential to lead the team in scoring. I think we could get a 50 point game out of him this coming year.

13. Josh Richardson

He’s going to be a piece of that defensive wall in Philly. Any time that he scores north of 15 points on top of playing good defense is great for Brett Brown and company.

12. Jaylen Brown

Brown will average close to 20 points a game this year and play some solid lockdown defense. Mix in some poster dunks and playing too fast and we have Jaylen Brown.

11. Caris LeVert

Without Kevin Durant, LeVert is going to be the second option next to Kyrie Irving. He’s not a bad defender, but he can improve.

10. Fred VanVleet

Freddy is going to have a bit of a dual role this year. He’s going to start at the two and then transition to the one when Lowry heads to the bench. He’s got a great chance to average career highs in most stats.

9. D’Angelo Russell

This might be Russell’s most natural position. The dude has never met a shot he doesn’t like. His defensive numbers have improved year after year. Steve Kerr is going to make sure they improve even more.

8. Zach LaVine

There is an opening for an All-Star guard in the East this season. He has all the talent in the world to lock that down for the next few years. He has to stay healthy and has to stop making those dumb mistakes throughout the game.

7. Jrue Holiday

Holiday is one of the best guys in the league, not necessarily player, but just a solid dude. There is a lot of young talent around him in New Orleans, it’ll be interesting to see how he fits in with those guys. he should be the Pels leading scorer this season.

6. Devin Booker

Booker is going to score a ton of points this year. He’s on my list to be one of the three leading scorers in the league this season. On defense, he’s not great. Is is so much fun to watch offensively though.

5. Victor Oladipo

He’s one of the better all-around players at the position. He’s good offensively and good defensively. Hopefully he can come back as close to normal as possible. He’s looked good in some of the practices I’ve gotten to see him.

4. CJ McCollum

CJ is going to push for an All-Star push this year and I think he gets it. The marketing going for him is too strong right now. Sadly, as his points have gone up his defensive efficiency has gone down. Portland needs a lockdown perimeter defender and he’s their best bet.

3. Donovan Mitchell

I look forward to Donovan not needing to shoulder the whole load for the Jazz this year. That will relax him and he’ll be much more efficient because of it. I think he’ll be a 25 point guy this year and play some good defense.

2. Bradley Beal

For the Wizards to be remotely competitive he’s going to have to score almost sixty points a night. He won’t score that much, but he’s going to need to. He’s a leader, he is seemingly a good dude. Wish he was in a better spot.

1. James Harden

With Russell Westbrook in town, he’s not going to need to score so much this year and maybe we’ll see a little less ISO offense. I doubt it, but the dude is going to put up a lot of points, get a lot of assists, and spend more time at the free-throw line than his house.

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