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NHL Seattle: Using AI to improve fan interaction

NHL Seattle, in partnership with Satisfi Labs, announced last week that they have developed an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform to build a better relationship with fans. The team will rely on the software to help front office staff answer incoming questions ahead of their 2021 inaugural season.

The platform was initially implemented in September to gather the most frequently asked questions and began use in October to manage incoming questions from season-ticket depositors – including assistance with the seat selection process.

“Starting out as an expansion franchise, we have a really engaged fanbase so we are excited to be working with Satisfi Labs to stay one step ahead and provide the best possible experience for our depositors,” said Todd Humphrey in a press release issued on Thursday, SVP Digital and Fan Experience. “This solution will help us tremendously and allow us to focus on other growth opportunities before our launch in 2021.”

NHL Seattle will rely on years of data to improve the overall fan experience.

Satisfi Labs begin in 2016 when it entered the market developing its Answer Engine as a tool to answer customer questions at live venues – including theme parks and sports arenas. Using years of data, the group will help NHL Seattle build a strong relationship with its fanbase through direct communication.

Individuals are still able to contact the front office through traditional means (ie. email, phone, etc) but fans are opting to use the new technology. Data supplied by Todd Humphrey, NHL Seattle’s senior vice president of digital and fan experience, shows that fans are 17-times more likely to reach out through the app than by email or phone – a number which is growing at a rapid pace.

As with all AI-powered solutions, the platform will only get better with time and will allow NHL Seattle to develop a smoother experience throughout. The assistant software is currently available via both the web and app but there are plans to expand as well.

It’s yet another example of the NHL Seattle front office using technology and data to set themselves apart from the start.

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