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NBA should fine refs, not Blazers

Last night the Blazers had a chance to tie the game late against the Utah Jazz. Damian Lillard got into the paint, laid the ball off the glass, and had it wiped away by Rudy Gobert. The ball was obviously off the backboard before Gobert got to it, and it looked like Lillard was also fouled on the play. Dame should have had a chance to get to the line to give the Blazers a lead with nine seconds left.

The referees then told the Blazers that the block was clear and true on the court. Not one of those three referees made the right call. The play wasn’t reviewable and the Blazers lost the game. Even Woj thought the call was bad.

The refs finally got a chance to review the play after the game and had this to say, “We’ve since looked at it, via postgame, video review, and unfortunately saw that we missed the play and a goaltending violation should’ve been called.”

The Blazers as a whole unit derided the refs after the game, Damian Lillard who is as calm and collected as it comes to dealing with officials during games had to be held back from the refs after the game. He’s normally not like that and he had every right to be. The refs blew the call.

Dame had this to say after the game:

The NBA has always thrown out fines when the officiating is criticized in any manner. The refs really blew the call and if anything it should be the refs that should face the fines. They blew an easy call that cost the Blazers a crucial game in a playoff race and on the court more or less taunted the Blazers about it.

We all know that Terry Stotts and Damian Lillard will be fined sometime come Monday morning, but it should not be the case. Fine the refs and the suspend them without pay for a few games. I’ll go ref a couple of games. I know I can’t do any worse.

I agree with Dame.

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