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Dragons fall to DC Defenders in XFL opener, 31-19

The Seattle Dragons take to the field for the first time in the new version of the XLF. There is a lot more changes this time around compared to the first time the XFL was around way back in the day. There are new kickoff rules and a few other things that are going on that we will have to get used to.

The Dragons are set to receive the first kickoff of the season. This is a weird formation where the blockers line up from their 30, the other teams lines up on the 35 and the kicker boots it from the opposite 35. No one can move until the returner catches the ball. This is going to be pretty interesting.

Dragons First Drive

The Dragons opened up with a nice run, but then Brandon Silvers throws two balls into the dirt near wide open receivers and the Dragons have to punt.

Cardale Jones drives the the DC Defenders down the field and Ty Rausa kicks the first field goal in XFL history.

DC Defenders lead 3-0.

Dragons Second Drive

Jim Zorn opens up the second drive with another run. Cyril Richardson, starting left guard, is hurt and has to come out of the game. Silvers completes his first pass to Colin Jeter.

ABC is letting the play calls be announced live on air. That’s weird.

Gardner Farrow runs for Seattle’s first and second first downs. Silvers then hits Dontez Byrd for a huge gain. Seattle is in business at the 14. Only one foot has to be in bounds for the catch to count.

Silvers hits Austin Proehl for the first touchdown in XFL history. It was a nice 14-yard slant. Proehl fought through two defenders to get into the endzone. Seattle doesn’t convert on their one-point play from the two.

Seattle Dragons are up 6-3.

The defense holds up and forces a missed field goal.

Dragons Third Drive

Silvers hits TE Ben Johnson on a bit 18-yard connection down the right sideline. Johnson was shaken up after the play. Trey Williams has a nice five-yard run, then Seattle gets the first down on a pass interference call.

Rahim Moore picks off Silvers to get DC the ball back. Moore watched Silvers’ eyes and jumped the route in front of Proehl.

DC can’t do anything with it and before Moore’s interview is over the Defenders go three and out.

Dragons Fourth Drive

Seattle starts out with another run, this time Ja’Quan Gardner gets the call and he gets a hard run three yards but loses a yard on his next run. Third and long for Seattle coming up. Silvers hits Farrow for a couple of yards and fourth down comes up. Farrow gets a personal foul and Seattle will punt.

Punt is blocked in the endzone and DC scores the touchdown. Their two-point attempt fails. DC is up 9-6.

Dragons Fifth Drive

The Dragons go three and out and punt. Very conservative call from Zorn there. It was a very makeable fourth and less than half a yard. Allegedly the XFL somehow rewards teams for going for it on fourth down. Jim Zorn apparently did not get that memo.

Dragons Sixth Drive

Another three and out. Seattle only managed a single yard on that drive. The drive will continue due to a Jay Bromley personal foul.

Trey Williams gets a nice first-down run. Keenan Reynolds breaks away from his defender on second down, but Silvers decides to go back shoulder instead of leading him to the endzone.

Silvers hits Farrow on fourth and eight for a first down.

Farrow then has a nice 19-yard run to get Seattle into the red zone. The next play Silvers hits Trey Williams in the flat for a 13-yard touchdown. Silvers then hits Reynolds for the one-yard conversion, Seattle is up 13-9 with 20 seconds left in the half.

Seattle’s kick doesn’t make the 20-yard line so DC gets the ball on Seattle’s 45-yard line. DC can’t move the ball that much and Ty Rausa hits a 55-yard field goal as time expires at the half.

Seattle leads 13-12.

Dragons Seventh Drive

Brandon Silvers hits Austin Proehl with a gorgeous running sidearm throw for a 57-yard touchdown, answering the touchdown DC scored to start the half. Conversion failed and the score is tied up at 19.

Seattle forces the Defenders to punt.

Dragons Eighth Drive

Seattle starts off their eighth drive with another run. They have yet to throw it on first down to start a drive. And once again they are forced to punt on another three and out.

Cardale Jones hits Rashad Moss for a 31-yard touchdown. DC fails on the conversion and are up 25-19.

Dragons Ninth Drive

Trey Williams starts off the drive with a nice run and then Silvers finds Proehl again for a first down. Silvers finds Williams again on what might be the first time they have thrown the ball on first down all game for another first and back into Defenders territory.

Silvers throws a pick-six and DC extends their lead to 31-19.

Dragons Tenth Drive

Silvers hits Evan Rodriguez for a big gain to get the Dragons inside DC’s 30. They miss a near touchdown with Dontez Byrd in the endzone. An incompletion to Keynan Reynolds leads to Seattle kick a very ugly 42-yard field goal, but DC roughs the kicker and Seattle gets the first down.

A Ja’Quan Gardner gives the Dragons a first and goal. Upon review, it was ruled he was a yard short, and we’re at third down. Farrow then picks up a first down to give Seattle a new set of downs at the three-yard line.

Gardner fumbles the ball and DC recovers.

Seattle forces DC to punt.

Dragons Eleventh Drive

Seattle moves the ball into Defenders territory, but Silvers takes a crucial sack with under a minute and a half left. Silvers gets his right ankle rolled up on. BJ Daniels has to come in for a 4th and 15 play to keep the Dragons alive now.

His throw is incomplete and DC will run it out.

Seattle hosts the Tampa Bay Vipers next Saturday at Century Link Field at 11 AM.

Stay with us for more coverage on the Dragons’ first game.

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