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XFL Seattle has five potential team names

While everyone is arguing over what Seattle’s 2021 NHL team will be called (NOT Kraken), another league is starting up in the Emerald City and has filed a trademark for five potential team names.

Vince McMahon’s reboot of the XFL will feature a Seattle team, set to play in CenturyLink Field. The five names the team has registered trademarks for are… well, they seem to be in line with the previous iteration of the XFL at least. They are;

  • Seattle Wild
  • Seattle Force
  • Seattle Fury
  • Seattle Dragons
  • Seattle Surge

Like I said, these seem to be in line with the previous XFL, which is not a compliment as that was 2001 and featured team names like the Maniax (yes, with an “x”) and Xtreme (yes, with no “e”). Four of the five possibilities are a singular entity. None of them have anything to do with Seattle. All of them sound like indoor soccer teams from the 90s.

Let us know which team name you like best and why in the comments, or suggest some other potential team names. Are you excited for the XFL in Seattle?

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