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Preview: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Preview

Happy Blue Friday, 12s! Here at Cascadia, we hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving eating all of the great food and watching some interesting football games.

The Seahawks face off against an 8-3 Minnesota Vikings on Monday night so let us look at what we might expect. These two teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs and this game has a great impact on that. Once again, I will dig into the statistics for each team to try to paint the picture for Monday night.


Total YPG:

Seahawks: 385.4

Vikings: 378.6

First Downs per game:

Seahawks: 21.8

Vikings: 21.5

Passing YPG:

Seahawks: 248.5

Vikings: 236.2

Total INT Thrown:
Seahawks: 3

Vikings: 3

Rushing YPG and TDs:

Seahawks: 136.9 / 10

Vikings: 142.5 / 14

Receiving YPG and TDs:

Seahawks: 267 / 24

Vikings: 250.5 / 13


Rush YPG and TDs Allowed:

Seahawks: 101.5 / 12

Vikings: 94.2 / 3

Pass YPG and TDs Allowed:

Seahawks: 268.7 / 13

Vikings: 244.5 / 19

Total Interceptions:

Seahawks: 10

Vikings: 10

PPG Allowed:

Seahawks: 23.9

Vikings: 18.6

Total Sacks:

Seahawks: 23

Vikings: 31

Looking over these overall team statistics, this appears to be an evenly matched football game. The only difference that really stands out is that the Seahawks like to throw the ball into the end zone where the Vikings prefer to run the ball for a score.

A few other statistics that stand out are sacks. Russell Wilson has been sacked 33 times where the Vikings have allowed their QB to be sacked only 22 times this season. The Seattle offensive line has allowed the QB to be hit a whopping 72 times where the Minnesota line has held up and have allowed only 48 hits on the QB.

Therefore, I would expect Russell Wilson to be in a hurry since the Vikings are among the best in the league with rush defense and sacks. I don’t expect Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny to have a massive ground game as we have seen in the last few weeks. The Vikings have allowed 19 touchdowns through the air and I think Russell Wilson will take advantage of that. Similar to last week, I would expect a high pass rate in order to establish the running game in the second half. Doing so will open up the play action options to keep the Minnesota defense on their heels.

Let’s talk about fumbles, shall we? Minnesota defense has only forced 10 where the Seattle defense has forced 19. On the offensive side of the ball, the Seahawks have fumbled the ball 20 times this season and the Vikings have fumbled 23 times. Both teams are in the bottom 5 in that category. The Seahawks defense has been on a tirade that last couple of games and I would expect that momentum to continue. I anticipate Seattle to force fumbles against a team who cannot seem to take care of the football. I cannot let Chris Carson go unnoticed, however. In order to win the turnover difference, Carson needs to take care of the football. Last week, he fumbled in two consecutive carries before being replaced by Rashaad Penny.

An Injury report has not been released since the team did not practice on Thanksgiving. However, Pete Carroll mentioned that Jadeveon Clowney is expected to play Monday night. An up-to-date injury report will be posted to our Twitter page @CascadiaSN when it becomes available.

I think the Seahawks have the defensive edge, especially playing at home. If Russell Wilson can get the offense rolling, I like the chances of winning. I expect the Seahawks’ defense front to attack Kirk Cousins as much as possible, even though the Vikings have a stout offensive line. Cousins will make mistakes so I expect a similar defensive game plan as that against the San Francisco 49ers.

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