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Seahawks should name stadium after Paul Allen

Last night, the Seahawks pulled out an amazing victory behind a near perfect game from Russell Wilson. Before the game, the Seahawks put the man who saved football in Seattle (ironically, from moving to the city their opponents now reside in) into the Ring of Honor and his family raised the 12th Man Flag in front of 70,000 teary-eyed fans.

There are only a handful of people in the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor (Allen was, appropriately, the 12th inductee) and all of them are deserving. For Paul Allen, though, including him there doesn’t seem to be enough. The trucks were literally packed and moving the Seahawks to Los Angeles before Allen stepped in got CenturyLink Field (nee Seahawks Stadium) built and purchased the team.

Behind his vision and leadership, the Seahawks won a Super Bowl. He’s responsible for getting in greats like Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Walter Jones, Lofa Tatupu, Bobby Engram, Doug Baldwin, Marshawn Lynch, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Tyler Lockett, and so many others.

Adding Paul Allen to the Ring of Honor isn’t enough. It really isn’t.

Neither is doing something along the lines of naming the field after him. Paul Allen Field at CenturyLink Field doesn’t really work, now does it?

No, it should be Paul G. Allen Stadium.

Sadly, this won’t ever happen. Before the season started Century Link upped their naming rights deal to extend through the 2033 season and is paying over $163 million during that time. Allen’s estate could easily buy that out, but we all know that will not happen.

Paul Allen should be properly immortalized. The stadium that should bear his name, as the Super Bowl winning team that packs it through the fall and winter months would not exist if not for him. Let’s honor the man properly. Let’s name the stadium after him and put a statue of him up by the 12th Man Flag pole.

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Matt Tucker

Overall, a superb idea. The naming rights are just too much of a source of revenue for the building to pass up in the modern age, though, despite how fitting it would be.

Paul G. Allen Field at CenturyLink Field would still capitalize on the idea very well.

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