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Without A Cause to showcase local talent in monthly matches

Today, Everett, WA based independent wrestling promotion Without A Cause made a big announcement for not only this month’s upcoming event but the future of the company as well. Starting at March 24’s WAC Volume 5: First Day of Springboard, Without A Cause will feature monthly four-way matches specifically showcasing Pacific Northwest talent, all making their WAC debuts. The first of said matches will feature masked luchador León Negro, high flyer Jacky Lee, “The King of Pop Culture” HBQuiz, and Legion of Gloom member Dante Smythe.

Without A Cause has made it a point of promoting local talent, having them face off against top performers from around the world. Renowned independent wrestlers including DJ Z, Shane “Swerve” Strickland, Darby Allin, and Joey Ryan have all appeared at WAC, facing off against locals such as Pitfall Jones, Chase James, Sonico, and “The Black Sheep” Dave Turner.

“We hope to bring eyes on the local wrestlers of the area and let the crowd decide who they want to be on future shows – whether it’s WAC or other local promotions – we just want to help build local talent to the best of our ability,” said WAC owner Max Zaleski.

Without A Cause holds monthly events at the Normanna Lodge in Everett, WA. You can get more info, including tickets to this month’s First Day of Springboard event, by going to wacprowrestling.com.

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